Our brand

The Bridge Pa Vineyard brand has been designed as an blend of styles and cultures. The symbol of our logo, the hawk or Kahu - as it is known in Maori, is symbolic of our vineyard and our province, Hawke’s Bay. 

The Bridge Pa Kahu

Kahu, the special protected native New Zealand Harrier Hawk [circus approximans], is the proud symbol of Bridge Pa Vineyard. 

An important local legend of Ngati Kahungunu, Hawke's Bays indigenous Maori people who are the tangata whenua (people of the land), and who have lived in the area for many hundreds of years, tells how their ancestor "Heretaunga" flew across the Heretaunga Plains on the back of a Kahu surveying the land before he decided to settle with his people in the beautiful and bountiful Hawke's Bay region. More >>> 

The Ngati Kahungunu people call Hawke's Bay "Te Matau O Maui", or "The Hook of Maui", reflecting the hook shape of the bay. Maui was the famous Maori voyager who according to legend fished up the North Island of New Zealand from the bottom of the ocean. 

Kahu also features in many other Maori legends including the story of Maui, where we are told that the reddish-brown colour of its plumage is the result of it having been scorched by the fire of Mahuika, a mythical being who tried to destroy Maui. 

Every day our "own" Kahu can be seen drifting across our Ngatarawa Road vineyard like a sentinel, searching for food. The hawk soars over the open countryside in wide circles with a slow steady flight, effortlessly remaining on the wing for hours riding the local thermals. 

Art Deco Motif

The sawtooth motif has been designed based around some of the art deco decorative motifs found on many of the regions architecture as well as a graphic device used by Maori in their art works. 

Logo Use

Our logo is available for use but must be used in strict accordance with our Graphic Standards. To obtain our logo please contact us. 
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