The Location


The Vineyard

Located 10 kilometers from central Hastings and 30 kilometers from central Napier, our vineyard site is situated on the northern side of Ngatarawa Road, within the area known locally as the ‘Bridge Pa Triangle’. 

Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Hawke’s Bay, coined ‘the aristocrat of New Zealand’s wine regions’ by Michael Cooper, is located on the east coast of the North Island. It is New Zealand’s second largest wine growing region, after Marlborough. While variation in mesoclimate and soil types typify the Heretaunga plains, the area now known as the Bridge Pa Triangle enjoys some of the highest average temperatures and encompasses alluvial soils that are infertile and free draining — ideal for producing consistently high quality wine grapes.


As the central ranges of New Zealand intercept the prevailing westerly wind flows, the region enjoys a warm, dry "Mediterranean type" climate with approximately 2200 annual sunshine hours combined with very low humidity. Typical summer temperatures of 21 to 25 degrees C inland on the Heretaunga Plains.


Bridge Pa is situated within the alluvial "paki paki sandy loam" soils. These very light soils overlay deep pumice sands and gravels that were laid down when the area was the old river bed of Hawke's Bays’ main river, the Ngaruroro.

Beneath the Bridge Pa area lies the unconfined Heretaunga Plains aquifer, a vast pure freshwater aquifer which accumulates and stores water from the nearby Ruhaine and Kaweka ranges on its’ path towards Hawke’s Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

As a result of a major earthquake in 1867 the Ngaruroro River changed in course dramatically and left behind a wide alluvial swath of gravel, sand and pumice soils in what many now describe as the Bridge Pa Triangle.

A particular feature of the paki paki sandy loam soils are they are dominated by pumice sands and pumice boulders which the Ngaruroro River carried, ground down, and deposited in a series of terraces and swales.

The pumice originated from dozens of volcanic eruptions in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, some 150 km west of Hawke's Bay in the central North Island. This includes the great 181AD Lake Taupo eruption, the effects of which have been recorded in Chinese and European history.
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