Environmentally Focused Viticulture

Bridge Pa Vineyards is a Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand (SWNZ) accredited vineyard. 

Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand was established by volunteer grape growers in August 1995 as an industry initiative directed through New Zealand Winegrowers. SWNZ was commercially introduced in 1997 and has been adopted by growers from all the grape growing regions. The introduction of a winery program in 2002 has been a significant development, which further substantiates the industry claim " New Zealand Wine, the riches of a clean green land". 

Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand was developed to: 
  • Provide a "best practice" model of environmental practices in the vineyard and winery. 
  • Guarantee better quality assurance from the vineyard through to the bottle. 
  • Address consumer concerns in matters pertaining to the environment and winegrape production. 
    From www.nzwine.com/intro/

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